Hey guys!!!

I'm sure many of you struggle with lighting when you really want to take good pictures just like me :(
But I hope this tips help you out a little bit just like it did to me :)

One of the most important things to consider when taking photos with your phone is lighting. Bad lighting will kill the best of pictures, even with a decent camera, so when taking portrait photos with your phone, make sure your subject is well lit. If you’re indoors, the photography rule of keeping the light to your back is just as important. Light behind your subject will only darken the image. And regardless of how good your lighting is, also make sure you hold your phone steady. The slightest shake could blur your image, and ruin what would have been the perfect picture.

One of the biggest probelms with taking photos indoor is the lack of natural lighting. The right amount of lighting can make food look more appetizing, facial expressions more cheerful and environments more welcoming. As much as possible, try to take your photos under natural lighting. You can do this by going near windows or doors when taking photos indoors, and to sources of light like neon signs or street lamps when snapping photos outdoors.

Additionally, do keep in mind where your source of lighting is coming from. The general rules on lighting are the same here as it is in traditional photography – avoid back light when taking pictures of people unless you want to go for the silhouette effect. If you shoot your subject using side light, it can capture texture and depth.

While we are on the subject of low light photography, don’t use flash. The camera flash you have on your phone is almost always too harsh and rarely helpful. Instead try increasing your camera’s exposure and ISO levels. 

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