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Today I have for you a very interesting topic. It really amazed me, I personally didn't know how important a crack pattern on cookies is :)
Here is how it works, so you as well learn a little something something about cookies:

Sugar helps produce the desirable surface cracking of some cookies. Because of the relatively high concentration of sugar and the low water content in cookies, sugar crystallizes on the surface. As sugar crystallizes, it gives off heat that evaporates the water it absorbed during mixing and baking. At the same time, leavening gases expand and cause cracking of the dry surface.(By The Sugar Association)

The effect of sugar time and flour moisture on the surface cracking pattern of sugar-snap cookies was studied.  When moisture content of a standard cookie flour was adjusted, cookies baked from those flours showed differences in cracking patterns.  Cookies baked from lower moisture flour cracked at each water level tested in the formula, whereas those baked from high-moisture flour did not crack.  Flour moisture influenced cracking more than dis the total water in the formula. 

Substitutions of small levels of glucose, fructose, maltose, or high-fructose corn syrups for sucrose solids changed the cracking pattern. Cookies made with  all fructose syrup or glucose syrup did not crack.  Only cookies made with all granular sucrose or all dissolved sucrose exhibited surface cracking.  The unique ability of sucrose to crystalized at the cookie surface during baking appears to be responsible for the surface cracking pattern.

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