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Maybe its going to be very funny for you all but long long ago when I was a kid, my mom did't have a pastry blender so we use a fork :)
Well now I do not use a fork any more for my pastries LOL but instead  I have a very sturdy and functional pastry blender.   Is made from 18/10 stainless steel and equipped with curved wires that quickly incorporate cold pieces of butter into flour and other dry ingredients – the key to a light, flaky texture.

So what is really a pastry blender?  is a hand-held tool with several metal tines that will cut the butter into small pieces as it incorporates it into your dough. A pastry blender is used simply by grasping the handle and pressing the tines – which are thin, but not sharp – into your butter and flour mixture. The butter breaks up and, as you repeat the motion, breaks down into small pieces and mixes throughout the dough. It is easy to see your work, much less messy than using  your hands and really makes life a lot easier when you are working with a big batch, or multiple batches, of pastry. Plus, for someone who doesn’t have naturally cool “pastry hands” and needs a little extra confidence when tackling pie crust, a tool that doesn’t melt the butter as you work can really come in handy.

There are several different types of pastry blenders out there, some with blade-like tines and some with wires. I prefer the blades because they are sturdier and easier to use than the wire types, and I find that they tend to hold up better over time and regular use.

Here is the link for you guys to buy:

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