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How are you? do you know how your customers are? do you actually know who your customers are?... It's important for you to recognize your customers because it can guide you to the right  market direction. :)

Once you’ve finished your marketing analysis, dig a bit deeper to look at customer segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Segmentation is looking differently at customers with different needs. For example, could you tailor an offering especially for business customers, knowing they have a need for convenience? Targeting is determining which customer segments your bakery can best serve. Positioning involves looking at what customers think of your bakery – this is your “brand image” and what you wish customers to think of your bakery is your “brand identity.”

An important lesson to learn is that you cannot be all things to all people. You must decide who your customers are – whether it’s soccer moms, commuters, or tourists, for example – then decide which customer group is most important to you and position your bakery to fulfill those needs.

Often a simple solution is the most effective. For example, if the target customer segment is mothers with children, you might need a more kid- friendly set up in your bakery. Creating an environment that suits your customers will enhance customer retention and customer acquisition – more on that later.

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