Amazing Sugar Artist!

This year I'm very grateful to introduce you to the most amazing sugar artist in our industry.  They will be teaching at Rustik Cake Studio the latest techniques in the sugar art world!  I'm also very exited about all the Masterclasses and the fact that I can help you get better at your sugar passion. Rustik Cake Studio is the only Sugar Art Studio in Long Island, New York bringing the best Sugar Teachers for you! Is a great opportunity and a good investment to step up on your art and start charging a little bit more to your customers and increase your profit. 

Starting from top left to right: Let me introduce myself, I'm Rocio Fukuda owner of Rustik Cake Studio, cake and pastry lover from Peru also a Certify Wilton Instructor. I teach cake decorating since 2015 when I open Rustik Cake Studio which is a home base business I like to call "my hobby" just because I love it so much it doesn't feel like work :)

Next we have Osires Barbosa from Brasil residing in Colombia where he host a TV Show and shares his passion in Cake Decorating. Oss will be teaching Bidimensional & Gelatine Flowers on A Beautiful 3 tier cake.

The super talented Kathleen Lange, she carries a tradition and let me tell you her Royal Icing piping is a true work of art. Kathleen will be teaching a Modern Lambeth English Overpiping Boot camp, so get ready to piped away!

Our beautiful Author Natalia Da Silva from Uruguay, her book "Tower Cakes" will show you step by step how to build amazing gravity defying tower cakes. Natalia will be teaching Gravity Defying and Special Effect on Real Cake, an amazing table cake with a lamp that turns on!

Karen Keaney from Ireland, multi award winning cake artist. Karen will teach a Masterclass on Structure and airbrush, this was one of Karen's many gold award winning entries into Cake International Competition.

From Spain we have a duo of beautiful and talented girls, Francesca Duque Cake Designer and owner of the "Duchess Cupcake" and Yolanda Cueto recognize floral Artist and owner of "Yocuna". Together with their talent will tech a Complete Sweet Table for kids Parties full of European recipes, party planing and all you need to know about Allergens so you can keep your clients safe and happy! Yolanda will also tech a Sugar Flower Class based on the new technique using Bean Paste!

See it to believe it! the super talented Mayen Orido will leave you with a drop jaw. Mayen will be teaching a Masterclass on Wearable Backpack and To Go Lunchbox, yes you can take it with you! how amazing is that! you can impress all your clients with a cake that sneakingly get in to the party. 

Sharon Spradley from Australia, owner of "Curiaussiety Cakes".  Sharon will teach you creative techniques you can add to your cake portfolio. All of her techniques will be easy to replicate on your very own designs. 

I think I'm so impress on how her cake have so much realisim! Joyce Marcellus is the Queen on Food Realism! Joyce will be teaching a couple of Masterclasses classes on Special Effects and Food Realism that you can not let it go! With glow in the dark and actual smoke!

Last but not least, we have Eva Salazar, a Satin Iced Sugar Artist of excellence and Craftsy Instructor.  Eva will teach to create a beautiful and sophisticated design right for christmas. 

This is a very small introduction of our amazing Sugar Artist that will be at Rustik Cake Studio This 2018. To learn more of their work please click on their mane and to have more info/register for their classes click on the link following their name. If you need help registering for the class give me a call to 516-661-2865 or email me at We also offer payment plans set at your convenience, please contact me for more info and I will gladly help you out :)

If you are looking for beginners classes or want to schedule a private class please visit our website for more info:



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