Hello everybody:

This is so cool! you can actually take great pictures with your phone!
I know lot of people don't own a DSLR camera to take great pictures of your amazing baking creations, so here is a little trick for your Phone and you can take great pictures or even if you are into periscope!!


Any decent smartphone camera has a flash to back it up. Whether that flash is quality or not is up in the air. And sometimes you don’t want a flash of light but a steady source to illuminate your subject and banish shadows. A compact LED spotlight flash provides a wide and bright beam that you can either hold or mount to the headphone jack or a hotshoe. Best part: it charges via USB just like a phone and will shine for an hour.

The light from the Spotlight flash is daylight-balanced, which is fine for shooting outdoors but in evening social settings seems to create a bit of a random mix between the warm ambient lighting and the relatively cool blue LED output. That said, other smartphone operating systems (besides iphone) actually give you control over the white balance, so if you’re toting an Android or Windows Phone handset, or have downloaded a third-party iOS application, then you should be able to get more predictable results.

Hopefully you can take awesome pictures of your creations now with this small tip I'm giving you :)

You can purchase The  Spotlight flash from amazon and here is the link. :)

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