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Today is a nice day to sit and do marketing online :)  What strategy do you use the mots for your baking business? As I mention before I do mostly online marketing, but here are some options for you that you can choose from as your best. :)

Even a small home based cake business needs a marketing plan that defines its marketing niche -- potential customers -- and strategies to reach that market. The strategies may include brochures, a website, publicity, business cards, tastings, attending trade shows, social networking and word of mouth.

These are the best marketing strategies but I think nearly 100% of people in the world are on the Internet. In addition, statistics show that most people begin their search for a business online, even if they plan on buying in store. Many people are looking for local bakeries to visit so they can see and smell the delicious aroma, and local search on Google is ideal as a starting point.   People like to see prices of baked goods online so that they can decide which company has the best deal. Pictures of baked goods are also a great advertising strategy for bakeries to use and are something that consumers love to see on a bakery business web site.

If your bread, rolls, pastries, cookies and other baked goods are baked fresh every day, it’s a great idea to mention this right on the front page of the business website. Placing a photo of the steaming hot, fresh rolls or bread is another great marketing strategy. Nearly the entire world is shopping online now, even when it comes to finding the perfect bakery. Make sure you can be found when they look for you!

Here is an example for online marketing in social media from byregina.com:

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