He guys!!!

Today I'm letting you know about 3 points that can make a strong product in your business.  As you all know most people decide to launch their foray into the world of small business ownership because they have an exceptional product. Perhaps friends have sung infinite praises of your pies, or everyone who tries your cookies believes baking is your destiny. Although it takes great service and a solid business plan to be successful, a product is the first thing to think about.

-Make your product unique.
Your product should offer something special in order to draw customers. Perhaps you offer the only place in the neighborhood where someone can find good rugelach, or you fulfill a demand for gluten-free cakes. If you want to open a cupcake shop, and your town already has five of them, you many struggle to differentiate yourself.

-Think about achieving profitability.
When creating your baked goods, you want to make sure you are offering a product that can hold its own. If you plan to use the finest spices and real butter in your recipes, for instance, you need to make sure you will make enough on each sale to afford the ingredients and the time it takes to bake it, while still bringing in a profit.

-Keep great taste a priority.
People need food to survive, but most people want their food to taste good. This is especially true for baked goods. It’s likely that your product already makes taste buds sing, or you would not be thinking about making a career of baking. Just be sure this is the case for a better chance at success in your endeavor.

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