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How you all doing today?? Today was a crazy day for me.. super busy but as always there is room for dessert.  What?! you are missing one ingredient? you  are missing the butter??  No no no.... there is no excuse for not making a cake without butter, in fact let me tell you how science work in unshortened cakes :)

Unshortened cakes are usually of two basic types which are yellow sponge cakes and white angel cakes. The white angel is made from the egg whites whereas the yellow sponge usually has whole eggs in the recipe. Both types of cakes are delicious in their own way but are slightly different from the other such as the angel cakes would usually feel springy and moist to the touch. These cakes are very soft and tender when ready and they are normally porous too. Yellow cakes also feel spongy and springy to the touch but they are made up with whole eggs instead of egg whites or yolks only.

Unshortened cakes such as sponge and angel food cake contain no fat, but include a large proportion of eggs or egg whites. Much of the cellular structure of the cake is derived from egg protein. Air is the leavening agent that has been beaten into the eggs. Sugar serves as a whipping aid to stabilize the beaten foam. Part of the sugar also is combined with flour before it is folded into the foam mixture. This sugar disperses throughout the flour, separating the flour’s starch particles and keeping them from lumping when the flour is folded into the foam mixture.
By raising the temperature at which egg proteins set, sugar delays coagulation long enough to permit entrapment of optimum air. The resulting cakes have tender texture and excellent volume.

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