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Some of you might not be able to pay for advertising (just like me)  but here is a couple of good ways to do it for free besides the newspaper.  Hope it help you out with advertising your wonderful baked good business. :)

Seems boring and calculated but a few ads in the local papers will also help with your presence. Make sure to carefully plan on where and when you want this ad to appear. Maybe think of seasonal or celebration times to promote your business. “Bring Mother in for a free Mother’s Day Treat” or how about graduation time. Place the ad where it will be visible. People almost always read in a “Z” formation. From the top left of the page, over to the right top, then across and down to the left bottom corner, then finishing over to the bottom right corner.

This is where it really counts. Every day on the internet, press releases are sent out by the thousands, so you can imagine, unless your headline or opening statement has the “wow” factor, chances are it will be tossed. Why not start off with the local paper. It’s free and you will get the support of your community. Be sure to share an interesting story to keep readers reading. Like how you became a baker and what made you want to open your own bakery. Offer some transparency to your business. You could even toss in a few bloopers and challenges you faced while trying to get your bakery open. You can even have a friend interview you and then submit the press release using portions of the interview if you find that is a better way to share your story.

Even with an ideal location, advertising is necessary to reach a wide audience. Network with other businesses in industries related to baking. For example, you might partner with a children's party entertainment company and provide referrals for one another. Open house events that allow potential customers to taste your products for free allow you to get your product out into the public. Trade shows for weddings or parents give you the chance to meet potential customers who might order wedding or birthday cakes from you.

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