There are so many ways to decorate cakes now a days.  Here is a simple and cute swirl drop flower you can make fast and also looks divine on your cake.  You can use different types of frostings to make this beautiful flower. I'm using home made whipped cream, but you can make them with buttercream or if you prefer to make them in advance you can make them with royal icing and have them ready for when you need them.

My piping bag is full with delicious pink whipped cream and has a 2D tip.  To start with the flower you will need to hold the bag in a 90 degree angle slightly touching the surface.

when you have the piping bag in place rotate your hand so your knuckles are pointing to your left (if you are left handed your knuckles should point to your right).

Ones you have the piping bag in place start squeesing and rotating at the same time.

Just enough and constant pressure until your knuckles reach the normal position (looking opposite at you).

Stop squeezing and pull the piping bag up. :) yes is a beautiful swirl drop flower! very easy to make and looks really nice on the cake.

To finish the center of the flower I use round candies.  If you don't have the perfect size of candy, you can use a different color icing and a tip #3 to pipe a dot in the center.  And you are done ;)  Enjoy!

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