Lots to do today but thankfully I manage to make you a tutorial. Of course is almost midnight which means is almost the next day but still I think it counts as today...LOL...I'm trying something new here.
I thought that not everything have to be made out of fondant for your cake decorations.  Maybe you can even save a little money if you use other edible materials.  This time we will be using Laffy Taffy as our edible medium.  So here is a nice butterfly that will go perfect with a cake full o' flowers :)

For our beautiful butterflies we need:

- 3 different flavors Laffy Taffies.
- knife.
- Rolling pin

They are very easy to make, seriously, very easy.  You might not even need a knife or a rolling pin.  You can probably add the other color with your hands and flatten with your finger as you shape it.  But for now lets make it easier... If the Laffy Taffy is too hard just place it in the microwave for like 10 sec. now roll it and with a different color add some spots (they don't have to be prefect) and then roll it again.

To make the wings cut the shape of the two sides together. I did it free hand but you can print out a picture from the internet to use as template ;)

And here it is, my butterfly wings. If the temperature of the room is to warm you might want to leave the wing in the refrigerator for a bit to harden.

To make the body you can roll another color and cut the size of the body accordingly to the wings.  then pinch the antennas with your fingertips.  And on the top you have to make and incision, not too long and make sure you don't cut trough.

And for the final step, fold the wings in halve and insert them in the body's incision we had made before.  Open the wing and arrange as you might like.  And is done 1 your beautiful Laffy Taffy Butterfly to decorate any cake ! Enjoy !

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