So finally vacation is over and baby is back to nursery school :)
   Now it's time to play with Isomalt !!

Thanks to Sidney Galper from Simi Cakes and her amazing Isomalt.  I think I did pretty good on my very first try using Isomalt tiles. Very easy to use and its so clear, it's the best quality and it did not loose its true color.  So happy with my stars!  I was watching all her videos tutorials before I started playing with it.  Her videos have lost of techniques,  simple to understand  and for real... I think I'll make you tired this month with more Isomalt posts because I can't stop playing with Isomalt. Probably by next week I'll post something a little more complex as I move forward learning new techniques.   But for now enjoy this simple tutorial ;)

To make the Star Topper you will need:

- Isomalt (I used clear and then I color it)
- Metal Star Cookie Cutters
- Oil spray
- Silicone mat
- Silicone container
- Gloves

The first think we do is melt our Isomalt in the microwave according to the package instructions.  I did 30 seconds first and then intervals of 15 sec. 

Place the silicone mat on the table and grease your cutters with the oil spray, you can take the excess with a paper towel. 

Put your safety gloves on and star pouring into the stars.  Be very carful because it gets very very hot ;)

At this point just let it sit for about 10 minutes ( It didn't need more because the are very small cutters) 

After 10 minutes it should be dry and comes off the silicone mat very easily as well as from the cutter.  If you need more tips you can watch the video "Using Simi Isomalt and Your Cookie Cutters".

I guess this is an optional step.  I poured some Isomalt on the mat making a little stick. let it dry and glue it on the back of the star with a drop of Isomalt using a toothpick.  And is pretty much ready to decorate your favorite cupcake. ;)   Enjoy!

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