Happy Easter Everybody!!!  I hope you guys have a great day and enjoy your egg hunting.  But today I want to show you how to make this super cute and delicious Bunny Cake pop !!
 It is fun and so simple to make .  I think you can make this a new tradition with your kids.  Our Easter Bunny is made with delicious wafer paper so you don't have to worry about the kids eating paper, how cool is that ?!

You will need:

Cake pops
Mini Marshmallows

Also you will need:

Piping gel
small round puncher 

The first thing you are going to do is print with edible ink our template on your Icing Images Wafer Paper. But let me tell you why Icing images Wafer Paper: I got  a few colors of wafer paper and I try them all, the result > OMG I was impress on how flexible is this wafer paper and on how good it taste.  Seriously it taste like ice cream cone !  And it's so flexible that You can use it for whatever you want, you can see it for yourself it just goes around my cake pop and no even a crack.  I bet you will be impress with this wafer paper as well and use it forever! 
You can purchase your wafer paper from the website below:

 *I'm not getting any commission of any kind for sales or money in exchange of this post. I just think the product is good and you'll be happy to use it too :)


Now let start cutting one of our bunnies and don't forget the ears.

Isn't he cute already? Please don't eat it yet ! we have to dress up our cake pop :)

In order to dress up our cake pop as a bunny, you will need to punch a couple of holes on top and under his face. Don't worry the mark is there so you don't miss it.

It should look like this after you punch the holes.  And is ready for the next step:

Now the best part! got your cake pop ready ! and go!

First runs the stick through the hole under the face and then run the stick through the hole on top of the face just like in the picture .

This is how it should look when you stand it up. It looks so yummy... but wait almost done don't eat it yet :)

Now lets proper our marshmallow and make some cute arms and tale.

We are just cutting a little bit of the top of the marshmallow this way it will be sticky and ready to attached on our cake pop with out adding any kind of edible glue.

For each cake pop we need three mini marshmallows, so repeat the process o two more.

Lets attached the arms first.  It's very simple, hold the sticky part of the marshmallow on the side of the cake pop and repeat the step on the other side and you will have both arms :)

For the tail we are going to hold the sticky part of the mini marshmallow on the back side on top of the wafer paper.  Very adorable little tail you make :)

Now the final step !! brush a little bit of piping gel on to the cake pop stick right on top of the face and apply the ears.  And you are done!!! Happy easter to you all ! enjoy your wafer paper cake pop Bunny !!!

Here is a side pic of the Bunny ! It just looks so cute very Kawaii I would said ;)

Please you can feel free to use this template just copy and paste on to your computer :)

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