OMG Guys is February 1st ! The perfect month for  LOVE and great friendship.
So far, January was full of good and bad things.  My husband was not doing well and my son seeds surgery :( Adenoids and tonsils out.  But I'm very thankful we have us and lots of love to keep us together :) And this is the most important thing for this month.  So, here is a little tutorial for you and hope you like it :) please let me know what would you like to see next :)

This is all the material you need to make our Love pigeons: yep only fondant and one modeling tool.  Choose the color fondant you like for making your pigeons.  Maybe you prefer white or gray but any color works perfectly.  Then some orange for the dove peak and some black for the eyes.

Ok, you guys are going to kill me but I can't find the picture I took before this one :0.  Hopefully you can see the body from this picture.  So to start you  need to make a pear shape and flatten some of the wide side and with your modeling tool make sone lines to form the tail.

So it looks like this.  And for the head you just run the sides of your finger to accent the neck.  

For the eyes just make a indent with your modeling tool and also for the peak.

For the checks we are going to make a line from the peak to the eyes.  Do it on both sides.

Now time to attached the peak.  Just form a tinny cone with the orange fondant and place it on with a little bit of water.  And for the eyes just roll two tiny tiny bit of black fondant into a circle and place them on the side indentation we make before with some water.

Now time for the wings.  Make two tear shape and flatten them.

With your modeling tool make some lines on the wings to make them looks like feathers.

Glue the wings with some water and you are petty much done ! ;)

The best part is that you can decorate the the way you want :)

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