So my baby still have some fever :( but the good thing is that he is in a better mood :)
Today I wanted to show you a very simple and easy flower for cupcakes toppers. Also I made a video for you! Hope you like it and have the chance to make some cupcakes too.  This are very cute and take little to no time to make them ! How cool is that !

Super easy and you only need:
-  Two different sizes of flower cutters but same design. 
-  Ball tool
-  Rolling pin
-  Round (not too small) pearls
-  Foam pad
-  Fondant (your favorite color)

To make them, just roll your fondant and cut the flowers.  Make sure you have the same amount on  the small size as well as the big.  Place the big flower on the foam pad and with the help of the ball tool cup the petals.  Do the same thing for the small flower.  Now is ready to put together. You can use some water or piping gel to hold the flower together.  In the center of the big flower put some water and attach the small flower, then put some water in the center and place the sugar pearl and now is done ;)

Place it on your favorite flavor cupcake.  Enjoy!

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