Hello you guys !!! It's been a long night and day here at home, believe me it is not fun to have a 3 year old with an ear infection and high fever  :(
This is why I'm giving you this easy topper today. Sorry I didn't have more time to do something else... Hope you like it and really hope it's something new for you to learn ;)

The thing that you will need are:

- Knife
- Rolling pin
- White fondant
- Red fondant
- Yellow fondant
- Black edible marker
- Hello Kitty cookie cutter

If you don't have the cutter you can get it in Amazon just click the link below :)

Roll the white fondant and cut using the cookie cutter.  Make as many as you need ;)

Then use the face mold to imprint the face fixtures. Make sure not to press super hard or you end up perforating it through.

Roll out the red fondant.  With the same face mold imprint only the bow.

Just like in this picture.  So here is the bow but notice that this mold is not cutting it all around.

This is when you need the knife to finish it. Carefully cut the parts that are not mark by the mold. And you have the bow!

With the yellow fondant make little ovals by rolling it in between your fingers.  And with the black edible marker color the eyes and whiskers.  And is ready to put together.  Enjoy!