Rainy day here in Long Island NY.  My son is much better and went to nursery school today and I went to get oil change for my car.  I've try to do my homework from this class I'm taking at Hofstra University but
time just flies! after oil change, went to the bank and gas station, get home and cook, the start making this beautiful pink filler flowers for you to learn and now I have to rush to pick my baby up...  ufff and the day just went by... :)

This fillers flowers are very easy to make and you can use them round out your bouquet and give it a soft, full look.  So here is what you need:

-  Small rolling pin
-  Small tip pliers
-  As many 26 gauge wire as you need cut about 4" long.
-  Small flower cutter
-  Yellow Gum Paste for center
-  Gum Paste of the  Color of your choice for the flower

Ok, lets start. With the help of the pliers make a little loop on one end of the wire.  Then get a tiny piece of yellow gum paste and cover the loop with it.

Now the flower part (fun part). Lets start with a cone shape like.

And here is the tricky part... press the wide end of the cone just like in the picture. So you end up with the thin part of the cone pointing up ;)

And roll just the edges.  If your small rolling pin is still too big for that (like it happened to me) you can use any thing else to roll (I used the stick of my ball tool).  And then place the flower cutter so the pointy part of the cone is inside the cutter and cut.

Pick the flower up very carefully so it doesn't loose it shape.  Get the wire we prepare before and run it through the center of the flower. :)

Hand them upside down on a flower drier rack and pretty much you are done :) If you don't have a flower drier rack you can purchase one just by clicking on the picture :) or here !
If you like to give them a different look you can dust the edges of the petals with some petal dust and Voila ! You have beautiful filler flowers.  Enjoy!

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