Had a great time today with and old friend who I haven't seen for a couple of months ;)
We went for lunch to a french restaurant and I ordered Crème Brülée for dessert (but you'll already know if you follow me on Facebook) and It Was The Best!! yum yum... I told my husband we have to go there for some coffee and desserts very soon, it was soooo good! Then I thought: Hey it will be nice if I teach you how to make French Ribbon Roses!  So here is my tutorial just for you :) Ribbon Roses are great for decorating, enhancing special occasions and embellishing any cake.

Very simple no need much:

- Fondant (color of your choice)
- Rolling pin
- Water (for glue)
- Ribbon Cutter (or ruler & knife)

Let's start by rolling the fondant long wise. Then using the ribbon cutter just cut long ribbons.  I used the ribbon cutter because its very simple to used, it is already measure, just have to put it together and cut. But if you prefer using a ruler and a knife go ahead. I made many ribbons of 1" tick, then a cut them on the size I needed.

They are about 4-2" long and 5-3" long.

Next, you want to make the rosebud/center.  So, hold one of the smallest ribbon in your hand and  roll it.

Then, brush some water just on one end of the other ribbons.

And fold them over to make loops.

Time to put our Rose together ;)
Hold the rosebud and with some water glue the other 3 small ribbons around it.

Now our last row will be the 5 bigger ribbons.  Glue them the same way as the first row of small ribbons. Aren't they very cute petals?? Our French Ribbon Rose is Finish and ready to decorate any cake. Enjoy !

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