As I look back to a year full of ups and downs I realize that I'm bless and very grateful
for all that's happened in 2015. And I want to thank everybody that stood by my family side on the most difficult time and make it a little better for us. I'm thankful for my sister who took care of my baby during my husband hospital stay and while I was taking classes in college. I'm thankful for my nice who give up her sweet 16 birthday party because her uncle had a stroke. I'm thankful for my parents no matter how far they are from us they always extend a hand when we most need it. I'm thankful for my husband who is doing much better and always say yes to my crazies ideas. I'm thankful for my little Boy who is the reason I keep aiming for the best. I'm thankful for all our friends and family. I'm thankful for our new home and new business. I'm thankful for all the opportunities like winning a couple of competitions, articles in magazines, getting new certifications, meeting new cake friends. I'm thankful for the teachers that actually made it to Rustik Cake Studio in my very first 5 Months open as a Cake School. But it's time to say goodbye to the the old year and start a New Year that will come full of love, success, possibilities and more Lessons to learn from.  

So cheers to the New Year and to new beginnings.  Lets toast with this traditional  Peruvian Black Carob cocktail: 


4 oz. Evaporated milk
2 oz. Pisco
1 oz. Condensed milk
1/2 oz. Black Carob Sirup
6 Ice cubes

You will also need:

A glass (keep some ice inside while you mix the cocktail)
A drink mixer
Ground cinnamon 
Cinnamon sticks

Place all the ingredients in the mixer, close it tightly and mix it well.

Now you can get rid off the ice from the glass.  It should be nice and cold :)

Start pouring into the glass and make sure you also pour out the foam.  This will give it a nice touch for the decorations.

Just like in the picture! Now is time to decorate with some ground cinnamon and the final touch a cinnamon stick. Cheers !!!


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