Hello everybody! Hope you had and excellent Saturday.  I was suppose to take down all the christmas decoration today but I think I'll wait LOL.
 Instead I was practicing on how can I get better on my videos so hopefully next one will be much  nicer and who knows maybe I'll pop on one of the videos one day ;)
I also want to share with you all a recent article I wrote for the ICES magazine. That means that if you are an ICES member you already have a copy on your hands and are enjoying of all the tutorials.  But if you are not, you can subscribe on their website www.ices.org.

To make this rose you will need:

- Toothpicks cut in halve.
- Red gum-paste.
- Tear drop small cutter.
- Rolling pin.
- Foam mat.
- Ball tool.

Make a cone with a small piece of gum paste and insert the toothpick on the wide side of the cone. Let it dry for a couple of minutes to facilitate the rest of the process.

Now roll your gum paste very thin and cut 8 petals.  Place them on the foam mat and curve the edges with the help of your ball tool.

 Time to put together our rose.  Wrap 1 petal around the cone to form the bud.  Then wrap 2 petals around the bud.  And to finish the rose, wrap 5 petals around and is done.  Very easy to make only one cutter and you can place it on any where you want :)  To make it prettier you can use petal dust to highlight the Rose.

 Here is how I decorate my cake with this easy to make Roses.  And here is a sneak peek on the article !

Don't forget to go on the ICES website and check it out !  Enjoy !

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