Another great tutorial with Isomalt !!! Hope you are as happy as I'm.  This clear Simi Isomalt is great for making eyes, I love it!
I'll show you one technique today and in the future I'll show you a couple more for making eyes.  So far I think this is the easy and faster one I know.  Believe it or not these are cupcakes, yes! Come on take a bite is just an eye...LOL

Bunch of things today to use, but I promise you will be very happy at the end :)

- Silicone mat/cup
- Gloves
- Brown fondant
- Knife
- Flat end modeling tool
- Black edible ink marker
- #3 thin brush
- #8 brush
- Circle cutter (preferable the size of your cupcake)
- Green edible dust
- Yellow food color
- Pearl dust
- And of course Isomalt (click the picture to purchase now)

The first thing we are going to make is the eye.  You need to melt the Isomalt accordant to the package directions.  Then just pour some into your silicone mat, make sure is a circular shape and then let it dry for about 10 minutes.  When is dry flip it over cuz we are going to work the magic right in here ;)

With your edible ink marker draw the elongated pupil of the alligator.  Then go around making some lines with the marker.

Now its time to give it some live !  Use your #3 brush and the yellow color.  First color the center where there is no black.  And then you can drag the color from the center to the edge of the eye, this will make the yellow and black color blend together.

Again flip it over and voila ! So cool! Now center it in your cupcake already iced.

Let's put some skin on our alligator, please, we don't want naked eye no no... You don't need a rolling pin for this. is a small piece and we do want the texture on there.  Just make sure is not too fat.  Now cut it with the cutter and this should be the same size of the top of your cupcake.  Then cut it in halve.

Time to put it all together!  Start with the bottom eyelid and then position the top one.

Lets texture our alligator, use the flat end of your modeling tool to first texture around the eye and then the rest of the skin.

With the green edible dust color the skin of the alligator, be really careful because you don't want to get dust on your beautiful eye.  When you are dognaping over with the pearl dust.

And your cupcake is done! Enjoy !

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